Souljah love shows no love to wife Bounty Lisa

souljah love

Earlier this week, Souljah Love when ballistic in an assault attack on his wife, Bounty Lisa. During the assault he was claiming that she was impregnated by another man who is a notoriously known city drug dealer.

The Zimdancehall star needed immediate medical attention after her husband had beaten her several times in the face. Photos had been released where she stood in front of a camera with a cracked lip and a bloody nose after the assault had occurred.

Bounty Lisa told different reporters and media outlets, whilst nursing injuries on her face and several other body parts, that Pamamonya Ipapo hit-artist had attacked her with his fists and an iron bar despite the fact that she kept saying she didn’t know the drug dealer in question and that she was not pregnant at all.

“He started assaulting me with his hands. I initially tried to defend myself, fearing he would hurt me until my nails broke. DKT, one of the producers we know, arrived as he was assaulting me,” she stated from her father’s house in Kuwadzana 5 in Harare.

She further stated that her bags had been thrown out of the house by Souljah Love before he started dragging her into the street and hitting her with an iron bar.

She mentioned that the assault still happened even though she had taken a pregnancy test earlier which showed as negative. “He sent his brother to buy a pregnancy test kit and the results were negative. Everybody in the house saw the result but I was already being assaulted.”

Bounty Lisa, who is also known by her real name as Lisa Musenyi, said she eventually managed to escape but only after Souljah Love took her to the drug dealer’s place who is said to have impregnated her.

“He later took me to a drug dealer’s place where he asked whether we knew each other. The drug dealer alleged that he had also been beaten up by Souljah Love,” she stated further.

The songstress who reunited her relationship with Souljah Love last year after breaking up with him in 2016, says that their problems are largely due to the Yeke Yeke singer’s addiction and use of drugs as well as the hallucinations that come with the abuse. These have a less than positive impact on the star.

“Problems stared occurring in October last year when he began taking a particular drug and would claim that there are people in the house, but many of us who were living with him in the house did not see these people,” she said.

The new drug, that she could not identify, was making Souljah Love paranoid, according to Bounty Lisa. “At one time, he asked me to leave the house and pushed me out of the gate until around two am,” she commented when asked to describe his weird, paranoid behavior.

She said at certain times it became unbearable where he would make the most ridiculous assumptions and accusations like one evening where he said that she had been given a gun by a certain group of drug dealers. “He even searched the car saying I had hidden the gun somewhere in the vehicle”.

On that same evening, Bounty Lisa was dumped near the City Sports Centre in Harare and she claimed that she walked around until dawn. “As she dumped me, he continued to insist that I had hidden a gun somewhere in the kombi. After wrestling with each other for some time, he managed to get $9 from my handbag and I walked around until dawn from the City Sports Centre until I got a taxi to Kuwadzana,” she told media.

She has since then reported the assault case to police who has called Souljah Love in. Her father, Phineas Musenyi, states that her husband pleaded for forgiveness.

After a lengthy counselling session, Bounty Lisa has decided to give her husband another chance. Her father states that the matter is now in both of their hands and they will need to do everything possible in order to make it work.

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