$9 billion cash ivory hidden in Zimbabwe claims Opah Muchinguri

$9 billion cash ivory hidden in Zimbabwe claims Opah Muchinguri

Opah Muchinguri-Kashiri, Minister of Environment, Water and Climate claims that hidden in the country of Zimbabwe is $9 billion ivory cash.

Over the last months Muchinguri has encouraged poachers having said there are too many elephants in Zimbabwe and saw need for the reduction.


Muchinguri claims $9 billion worth of ivory is being hidden in the country, money which could be used to change the declining state of the country should a ban on ivory trade be lifted.

On Wednesday she told parliament the SADC was lobbying for a ban to unlock the value the country has on natural resources a ban imposed by Convention on International Trade in Endagered Species. I response to a question addressed to her in Natuonal assembly she said

We have 96 tones of ivory and if we sell it, we will realize about $9,1 billion.

She implored fellow legislators to bring pressure to bear on the ban each time they attend international meetings. Patrick Chinamasa Minister of Finance and Economic Development said the $9 billion would aid in liquidating the countries debt and unlock other facilities

Africa is rich, but it has poor Africans. Our obligation as Africa is to interrogate why we are poor when we have these riches. I did not even know that we are sitting in $9 billion worth of ivory, even if it is $5 billion

Minister Chinamasa said the $200 million facility from Afreximbank in which come October bond notes would be introduced was not a loan but rather a guarantee. Installing and activating of Point of sale facilities in several businesses including Government ministries and departments would be ensured by the Government said Chinamasa.

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