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A difference of one year for Pistorius


After a successful appeal by the state to change the conviction of culpable homicide to murder, Oscar Pistorius finds himself at the mercy of the justice system yet again.

Judge Thokozile Masipa in handing down her sentence late this morning in Pretoria High Court, she said the mitigating factors were compelling enough to sentence the athlete to six-years in prison, less than half the minimum sentence for murder according to the South African law and a lengthy sentence would not be ideal for him.

This has aroused mixed feelings among the public, with the majority who have taken their opinion on social media showing discontent on the sentence given to the athlete. What has aroused such discontent is the fact that, earlier on the Paralympic star had been sentenced five-years in prison on a charge of culpable homicide. The fact that the charges were upgraded to murder people were at least expecting a minimum of fifteen-years in prison. Some have dubbed the sentence as “an embarrassment to the justice system”

The defence team, said they won’t appeal against the sentence, however the state had earlier on highlighted that if the athlete was to get less than 10 or 8 years in prison they would appeal. The question then remains, can this mean the athlete is yet to be dragged in the lengthy and highly publicized litigation again?

Meanwhile, the athlete has been taken to a correctional service.

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