Archbishop urges President Mugabe to quit

Archbishop urges President Mugabe to quit

John-Sentamu_1742060cThe Archbishop of York has again urged President Robert Mugabe leave power.

Dr John Sentamu has said Zimbabwe has “become rubble” during his leadership. The 92-year-old president has been in power since independence in 1980.

John Sentamu was speaking at a time around five million people in Zimbabwe are in need of assistance as a result of the ongoing drought in southern Africa.

According to the United Nations Zimbabwe is one of the worst affected countries in the region, with Malawi, Zambia and South Africa also impacted.

The Archbishop said: “Step down while there is time, and allow someone else to take over Zimbabwe and rule it, so they’ll be no violent coup which again will drive people more and more into poverty.

“Please just step away for the sake of Zimbabwe.”

He added: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely and I’m afraid he has been corrupted by his absolute power.

“Zimbabwe, that word means a rock, the country’s no longer a rock, it’s become rubble,” he said.

Mugabe has also been accused of racism towards the white population in Zimbabwe.

Speaking in 2007 John Sentamu said: “Mugabe is the worst kind of racist dictator.

“Having targeted the whites for their apparent riches, Mugabe has enacted an awful Orwellian vision, with the once oppressed taking on the role of the oppressor and glorying in their totalitarian abilities.”

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