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Australia to Deports Zimbabwean man who infected his girlfriend with HIV

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has hinted that a HIV-positive circus acrobat who infected his girlfriend will be deported to his native Zimbabwe.Zaburoni

Gold Coast performer Godfrey Zaburoni, 38, received a five-year suspended jail term when he was resentenced in Brisbane’s District Court last Friday, two months after the High Court quashed his original nine-and-a-half-year sentence when it found he didn’t intentionally infect his former partner.

Mr Dutton hinted Zaburoni would be deported when questioned about the case on Thursday.

He said while the Department of Immigration was processing Zaburoni’s case and there would be an appeal period, he was the decision maker.

“I don’t want to publicly comment on it, but suffice to say I’ve followed the case very carefully, very closely, and I have a very low tolerance frankly for people who are committing serious sexual offences against women, against children, against anyone,” he told the Macquarie Radio Network on Thursday.

“And I think we’ve demonstrated over the last 12 months that we’ve been tough, within the law, to cancel visas wherever possible and deport people at record numbers.”

Zaburoni was originally sentenced in 2013 after becoming only the second person in Queensland to be convicted of intentionally infecting someone with HIV.

The Zimbabwe-born performer appealed the decision in the Queensland Court of Appeal, but the matter was dismissed and he then obtained special leave to take his case to the High Court of Australia.

The High Court upheld his appeal against the conviction in an April finding that ruled, even though he had frequent unprotected sex with his girlfriend, there was “no evidence to support the inference” he intended to infect her.

In sentencing him for the lesser charge of unlawfully doing grievous bodily harm, Judge Julie Dick said it was less serious than the earlier offence and she had to consider his early guilty plea and rehabilitation attempts.

Zaburoni had already served three years and two months behind bars before he was released.-AAP

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