‘Bona power company’ ripping off Zimbabwe

‘Bona power company’ ripping off Zimbabwe

A POWER company linked to the family of President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law will sell electricity to ZESA at prices 400 percent higher than the power utility’s own Kariba and Hwange Power Stations, an opposition politician has claimed.

“The power being produced at Dema Diesel Power Plant cost about 0.34c per kilowatt compared to power that is being produced at Kariba and Hwange Power Stations that is being sold at 0.08c per kilowatt,” former finance minister Tendai Biti said at the weekend.

“You can see the big difference between 0.08c and 0.34c. The question now is, why is ZESA being forced to accept and buy power at such a higher price from such deal.”

Bit was addressing supporters of his People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at a rally in Harare’s Budiriro area on Saturday.

The multi-million dollar Dema Diesel Power Plant is being jointly developed by ZESA subsidiary, the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) and Sakunda Holdings.

The latter firm is owned by Zanu PF benefactor Kudakwashe Tagwirei who has partnered with Derrick Chikore – brother to Simba Chikore who is married to President Robert Mugabe’s only daughter, Bona.

Biti claimed that Derrick was just a front, with Simba and the President’s daughter the real beneficiaries of the project.

He said the Dema deal was too expensive for ZESA, adding that it would actually be cheaper for Zimbabwe to buy electricity from neighbouring countries.

“If ZPC was going to order power from South Africa’s Eskom or Carbora Bassa of Mozambique it still costs 0.12c per kilowatt which is far much cheaper

“But shockingly the company is being forced to buy from Chikore, the relative to the First Family’s son-in-law’s plant.

“This is clear daylight robbery and it’s so painful.”

The project was mooted by government last year as a measure to ease Zimbabwe’s acute power shortages which saw households and industry endure rolling power cuts that helped decimate local industry.

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