Breaking news! A Police officer murdered @ BF

Breaking news! A Police officer murdered @ BF

Caps-United-supporters-run-for-their-dears-as-Bosso-charge-on-them-at-Barbourfields-stadium-yesterdayFROM a football match to a grueling fight at Barbourfields as the fans took to the center of the field to rescue their player who got slapped soon after the match when a controversy had arose as a result of a somewhat disallowed goal.

The Bulawayo Derby that has most of the time if not always ended in peace today turned ugly as the Soweto supporters retaliated to what has been described as disrespect to one of their stars Peter Mudhuwa. Peter Mudhuwa was once a victim in a match between Caps United a couple of weeks ago, and today again he was found at the mercy of a Chicken Inn player.

IN AN UNCOFIRMED reports as of now, it is reported that Chicken Inn scored a goal at the 91st minute, and this could have ended a stalemate match to a 2 -1 win in favour of Chicen Inn. The assistant referee is said to have pointed his flag to the center of the field, while the middleman disallowed the goal claiming to have ended the match when Chicken Inn scored. Gamecocks players advanced to the referee and confronted him over the decision but he stood to his ground. As Bosso players also got involved in the tussle, one Gamecocks player is reported to have slapped Peter Mudhuwa, and this act angered the Soweto stand Bosso fans who then invited themselves to the pitch to beat up Chicken Inn players and the assistant referee. When the police tried to get involved all hell broke loose leading to the death of one police officer.

Meanwhile 4 men have been arrested in connection to the murder.

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