Can Zimbabwe be best be run by a Matebele or whiteman

Can Zimbabwe be best be run by a Matebele or whiteman

Even Joshua Nkomo oka Mqabuko predicted the Matabeleland Zimbabwe split when he said, “We are enveloped in the politics of hate. The amount of hate being preached in our country today is frightful….Lookout Masuku fought against fascism, oppression, tribalism and corruption…There is something radically wrong with our country today and we are moving, very fast towards destruction…We have created fear in the minds of some in our country. We have made them feel unwanted, unsafe…You cannot build a country by firing people’s homes…No country can live by slogans, Pasi (down with) this and pasi that. When you are ruling you should not say pasi to anyone”.

It was at Look out Masuku’s funeral in Bulawayo, on 12 April 1986 when Joshua Nkomo said the above words. And 30 years down the line the people of Matabeleland who have suffered physical genocide and continue to suffer extermination of their culture, identity, languages, and history, at the hands of the Zimbabwe government, have decided to say goodbye to Zimbabwe and want to leave it in peace, not in pieces.

Who can deny that Joshua Nkomo predicted this historical event (the split between Zimbabwe aka Mashonaland and Matabeleland) given the words above? As a politician Joshua Nkomo knew that genocide, tribalism/ racialism, hate, oppression and corruption is recipe for disaster.

He knew that a divided house cannot stand. He was aware that those who were running around shouting slogans like pasi with so and so and went on to kill people because they belong to certain unwanted tribes were dividing people based on tribal grounds. Hence his words, “no country can live by slogans pasi (down with) this and pasi that.” Matabeleland statehood restoration is inevitable!

He knew that under difficult circumstances, where a human being is abused and made to feel unwanted and live in fear of genocide, they will seek to l liberate themselves regardless of the cost.

For the people of Matabeleland all these crimes against humanity have reminded them of restoring their former state of Matabeleland which was illegally destroyed on 3 November 1893 by 652 Pioneer Column in partnership with 652 Shonas. No one must blame us for calling for the revival of our state as self determination is a right to every living human being which is recognised by the African Union and United Nations. Needless to mention that Zimbabwe is a member of both Un and AU.

Corruption,lying, deceit and theft is in some people’s DNA. This opinion is not raised out of hate of Shonas but it is based on the evidence and hard facts on the ground. Who can dispute the fact that the bread basket and duel of Africa has been turned into a basket case in 36 years by corrupt Shonas?

The Zimbabwe economic situation will get worse as long the Shonas are in power. The GNU proved to us that those who want to take over are more corrupt than those in power. In order for Zimbabwe to return to its former glory Shonas must swallow their pride, accept failure and give the button to either a Matebele or white man to run the country.

No shona person will run Zimbabwe better than the inhumane, corrupt and genocidal government of Robert Mugabe. All Shonas are liars, thieves, corrupt and have no sense of accountability and loyalty but Money, a Shona thinks and behaves as in today and tomorrow does not exist.

As MLO we find the route of a two states solution as the best. We strongly believe that it will be a permanent solution to animosity between Matebele and Mashona nation which was caused by evil authors of genocide and human suffering.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary For Publicity and Public Affairs.

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