Chief Negomo to be dethroned, as Zanu PF wipes out team Lacoste

Chief Negomo to be dethroned, as Zanu PF wipes out team Lacoste


One of the most controversial chiefs in Zimbabwe, who has been linked to be a member of the Lacoste faction has been arrested. Reports say that he has been arrested over a debt he owes to CBZ amounting to $150 000.00.

All the same, people close to him have said that the arrest was not about the debt but he is said to be supporting team lacoste, alleged to be belonging to VP Mnangagwa. This happens barely hours after Chimene who is the Opah Mchinguri of Grace’s rise to power has called upon the Zanu PF party to deal with VP Mngangagwa following a fallout with the war veterans.

Saviour Kasukuwere who is the Zanu PF political commissar is said to be instigating succession disputes in a move to have him dethroned. He is said to be supporting the other heir to the chieftainship that might result in the end of Negomo’s chieftaincy.

This is not new in the Zanu Pf circuit as witness with the former VP Mujuru’s allies who were booted out of parliament and also lost seats in provincial committees. The turn of events might mark the end of Mnangagwa’s reign.

Negomo is reportedly said to be held at CID offices Bindura and was arrested at ZESA Concession.

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