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Chinamasa must go back to Justice ministry, Kasukuwere must take over finance ministry – Zanu PF activist

Zanu PF youth member Fidels Fengu has suggested that Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa must be re- appointed a Justice and Parliamentary affairs minister while Local Government MInister Saviour Kasukuwere suits to take over as Finance minister

This comes in the wake of the fast deteriorating and crumbling economy of Zimbabwe which has seen more than 20000 workers losing their jobs within a space of one month.

“Patrick Chinamasa is a very practical man, however the challenges we face as a nation need ruthless pragmatism,” Fengu wrote in his facebook post.

“Maybe its time Saviour Kasukuwere was considered for the Finance Ministry and Chinamasa went back to Justice. Okay, on a more serious note though we need people like Mthuli Ncube right now , the man has the much needed financial skill set to get Zimbabwe back to its glory days. We might also need the Financial Engineering skills of the ENG Capital boys . I think we need an all hands on deck approach to restoring our Economic glory.”

Zanu PF government of Robert Mugabe has been blamed for destroying the economy through its anti- investment policies.

Francis Chinjekure said the economic problems faced by Zimbabwe are more of political incorrectness instead of financial incorrectness.

“A financial engineer or not would be a good candidate for the Ministry but what remains a paradox is whether the political mightyness would bless the individual with the discretion and liberty to discharge the duty in their own liking, understanding and belief when the major blame if things go wrong rests with the government et al,” he said.

“I believe we all know what really needs to be done in the financial systems of this country to restore viability and with our little knowledge but the political system might be the one not rigid enough to give room.”

Setfree Mafukidze said in all honesty that position requires a pure technocrat who doesn’t get stuff written by some adviser in the ministry, Muthuli Ncube,is the man to consider for that position not just political appointees whose drive is political.

“That ministry needs someone with the actual financial background, someone who is hands on and can offer government advise without political interference. That would be a good starting point,” he said.

Source – Byo24News

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