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Clerk forges magistrate’s signature to solemnise marriages

A HARARE court clerk allegedly made thousands of dollars by forging Magistrates’ signatures to solemnise fake weddings between local women and foreigners, mostly Nigerians.

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Edmond Rugare Mboko, 61, who was employed at the Harare Magistrate Courts, was recently dragged to the courts accused of forging magistrates’ signatures after solemnising marriages of a Nigerian man and two local women.

Sources privy to the case said Mboko solemnised hundreds of foreign nationals’ marriages to local women and would charge figures ranging from US$1,000 to US$5,000.

Magistrate Themba Mthetwa deferred the case to July 9 for trial continuation.

According to the State, in 2006 Karen Kakore and her husband Egomole Calistas Okechukwu went to Harare magistrate’s courts to enter into a marriage in order for Okechukwu, who is a Nigerian national, to enjoy citizen privileges in Zimbabwe.

Mboko not being a marriage officer purported to be magistrate Olivia Mariga and solemnised the marriage between the two and then forged the signature of the magistrate.

After Okechukwu’s marriage to Kakore collapsed, Mboko again signed another marriage certificate with Julian Chisoro as Magistrate Mzyece and the date of marriage was written 1st of March 2006.

Pictures of Mboko solemnising the couple at the Harare Magistrate Court were submitted as exhibits.

Records indicate that Mboko was acquitted on four cases of the same nature in court and at disciplinary committee level and the state suspects that the accused would have been working with some senior court officials who would influence judgements.

Gayton Vhiriri prosecuted. newzimbabwe

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