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Council Worker Nearly Killed by CIO Agent

A member of the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation nearly killed a Gweru City Council employee following an argument over picking up litter.

Members of the dreaded spy organisation have been accused of gross violation of human rights.Hundreds of opposition supporters and innocent civilians have been abducted ,maimed and tortured at the hands of CIO operatives.

Nkosilathi Magama of Mkoba 7 who is a CIO operative, assaulted a female council employee, Hloniphani Sithole with a broom, head-butted her several times and hit her against the wall after Magama’s wife, Tabeth Chikohora, dropped litter on the pavement and refused to throw it into the bin.

According to the prosecution’s papers, Lloyd Mavhiza at the Gweru Magistrate Court last week, the incident happened on June 21 2016, when Sithole was on duty sweeping near Magama’s cocktail bar. Magama got angry after Sithole asked his wife to pick up the litter she had dropped.

He began to shout at Sithole and took a broom and hit her on the neck. He grabbed Sithole and pulled her into his cocktail bar, head-butted her several times and hit her against the wall.

Sithole then reported the matter at ZRP Mkoba leading to Magama’s arrest.

He was however granted $30 bail.

Angry Mkoba residents accused President Robert Mugabe’s dreaded CIO operatives of blatant disregard of human rights and called for a stiff sentence on Magama.

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