Dereck Mpofu breaks year old silence

Dereck Mpofu breaks year old silence

Musician/Producer, Dereck Mpofu is set to release a new single titled Dzoka Kumba next Friday, August 12 ending a one year absence from music.
The song is a collaborative effort with multi-award winning songbird, Cynthia Mare.
In an interview with Zimbabwe Newsday, Mpofu said, “Dzoka Kumba is a love song which speaks of a lovesick couple separated by a silly argument. They miss each other but are too proud to admit it. They go through separate monologues.”

Dereck Mpofu rose to fame through the song Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe. He has worked with Mono Mkundu, Prudence Katomeni, and Ivy Kombo among others.
Mpofu also staged with Grammy Award winner Nicole C Mullen. Mpofu is also the man behind the Green Concerts.
The song Dzoka Kumba is the first of a string of singles from a yet to be titled album. The album is to be released later this year.

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