Dzamara in hospital in the USA

Dzamara in hospital in the USA

The Missing Itai Dzamara’s brother, Patson is in hospital in the United State. Speaking to Patson he said:”For the past five days I have been battling a strange shoulder joint problem, it’s been aching persistently. I am at the hospital and receiving medical attention

Speaking to us he mentioned the doctor asked his several questions regarding what I could have happened to hurt himself or could have happened to him. He could not think of anything worth mentioning.

“I am seating here, waiting for more examinations. My mind is ruminating over those questions asked by the doctor, and I can’t afford to consider the brutality and torture I have endured at the hands of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and ZANU PF thugs” said Patson

There is indeed a high possibility that this pain and malfunction is a manifestation of that brutality and torture. It can’t be anything else. For standing up, fighting injustice, corruption, oppression and leadership failure, we have become perennial recipients of ZANU PF’s morbidity

The problem is more complex than what I initially concluded. I thought that the pain would dissipate in a few days, but it’s getting worse. Will have to see a bone specialist at some point. I pray it’s nothing major.T his doesn’t at all dissuade us. It spurs and emboldens our resolve to fight for our liberty from the black oppressors.

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