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Exposed: Bona Mugabe’s Baby Adopted?

A cross section of Zimbabweans on social media have disputed the maternity of President Robert Mugabe’s grand-child.

Social media cycles were on Monday abuzz with postings by people charging that the baby looks far much older than the age proclaimed for the baby and the First Family may have played the “Gilbert Deya trick” of smuggling someone else’s child after faking a pregnancy.

Most queried was the size of the baby’s hair which people said cannot in any way be that of a four week old baby. Our eaders exchanged barbs over the sensation as they drew a spectrum of pictorial comparisons. Pictures below show comparisons between Bona’s “one month” child with other children far older than one month.

Pictures of members of the First Family in Singapore show a bouncing baby boy with big hair, wide open eyes and sometimes with smiling mannerisms that “cannot be performed by a baby of the age proclaimed.”

Some people also said in one of the pictures taken on Sunday, the little baby furthermore appears holding onto President Robert Mugabe’s finger with a clenched grip which they say is an act that cannot be performed by a four week old baby.

Some went to the extent of questioning Bona Mugabe’s pregnancy claiming that there was never a photo showing her in her pregnancy but the family is quick to publish her photos with the “new born” baby.

They alleged the Mugabe family simply played

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba could not be reached for comment on the matter as his mobile phone was not reachable at the time of writing.


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