Exposed: Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Ridiculous Wealth

Exposed: Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Ridiculous Wealth

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa owns a controlling stake in Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed Radar Holdings (Private) Limited (Radar) among other multi-million dollar businesses.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa during a service
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa during a service

The famous prophet, who believes in the doctrine of hard work and servant leadership modelled along biblical greats such as King David, also owns a raft of businesses, including agricultural concerns.

As details of his private life emerge, the charismatic preacher who draws up to 50 000 congregants at his church services per week, also owns a huge stake in entertainment giant, Sterkinekor’s franchise locally and in Zambia.

Such is the man’s riches that Makandiwa is building a multi-million dollar house in Glen Lorne, which has often compared to a hotel.

Prime Kufa, the UFIC leader’s spokesperson, confirmed that indeed his boss was building a mansion touted as a “mission house for foreign dignitaries and visitors”.

He, however, did not rule out the possibility that Makandiwa might end up using one of the wings to the mansion as his house.

Said Kufa: “Yes, there is a building project underway in Glen Lorne, and I can tell you it is not a hotel or boutique as reported earlier, but it is a mission house to cater for our VIP guests who visit us.”



Kufa, who was flanked by UFIC finance director Elias Hwenga, told that the ministry’s free-to-air television channel has resulted in a lot of international visitors coming into the country and some of those visitors, especially pastors, may want to have a place where they can interact with Makandiwa at the mission house.

Incidentally, Hwenga is also the Radar managing director, according to a 2013 Central African Stock Exchanges handbook.

Kufa said the project “was not a business venture but Makandiwa is using his personal funds in the project”.

There have been allegations that Makandiwa could be using church funds to live a wealthy lifestyle where he can afford to build a huge mansion and drive top-of-the-range vehicles, but Kufa insisted that Makandiwa gets money from his huge businesses.

“When people hear that the man of God is doing A, B, C or D, all what comes to their minds is that there are church funds involved.

“If that was the case, how is it possible that the man of God is our biggest benefactor, and the ministry owes him a lot of money?

“In that respect, we feel that as sons, we have also let him down by not divulging some of the men of God’s sources to the public domain.

“He is a man who believes his private life is just that — private!

“Even UFIC members do not even know some of the information we will give you here. He is never one to go out and brag about what he owns, and I am sure all of you in the media can testify to that.

This is why no one has ever been able to interview him as he always maintains that it is not about Makandiwa but Jesus.”

“But we being close to him ought to have pierced a part of that veil which makes the man a mystery and told the world the other side of Makandiwa that they do not know,” said Kufa.

Makandiwa’s spokesperson added that his boss is also undertaking other business projects locally and internationally.

“These are not just claims but information that can be accessed as it is available in the public domain.
“That has always been his philosophy from long back, and I remember him quoting for me from Acts 20:33-34,” he said: “I coveted no man’s silver or gold or costly garments. You yourselves know personally that these hands ministered to my needs and those of the persons who were with me” (AMP) as he was teaching me why I should embark on projects as a pastor,” Kufa added.

The spokesperson said it is folly for people to think that Makandiwa could  single-handedly build a 30 000-seater church, look after nearly 2 000 orphans, 300-plus widows and be constantly donating houses with his only source of income being the church.

“He has never come knocking on the doors of the finance office in search of money ever since but has helped the church to pay its bills.

“I cannot speak for him during his tenure at the Apostolic Faith Mission, as I was not part of his congregation but ever since the establishment of UFIC, we have never seen that,” said Kufa.

“He is one that believes in financial integrity to the effect that he invites all those members that wish to have a look at our finances to do so freely, and many can bear witness to the financial prudence that prevails in the organisation.”

The close Makandiwa aide said, “people ought to be fair to the man and not criticise him just because they do not understand him”.

“If what he is doing for the church and community as a whole is not enough to qualify him to live the life that he lives, I do not know what will.

“For example, if he has bought his assistants and pastors Mercedes-Benz vehicles, given out more than 400 cars, is it too much if he drives a Mercedes Benz himself.

“Show me a man that is doing more for his community and I will gladly pledge to be praying for him every day of my life.”

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