#Fightback ZBC Zanu PF Websites Shut Down By Hackers As Punishment For Whatsapp Block Breaking news Read on ZIMBABWENEWSDAY.CO.UK

#Fightback ZBC Zanu PF Websites Shut Down By Hackers As Punishment For Whatsapp Block

hackerHarare – Websites belonging to Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF Party, and his state controlled broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) have been hacked and shut down by an internet vigilante group named Anonymous Africa, after Mugabe’s government blocked access to instant messenger services Whatsapp earlier this morning. The main twitter Account of the hacker is @hackr1994

Faced with growing protests that have since turned into violent riots, Mugabe’s government is said to have instructed all Internet Service Providers to turn off access to Whatsapp IM.

The government is said to have been worried that protesters were mobilizing their activities over the Instant Messenger application.

Other reports seem to indicate the government was worried about internal terrorism, after messages began circulating on the platform advising citizens on how to make petrol bombs.

After citizens flooded petrol stations in Zimbabwe to purchase petrol, mainly in Bulawayo, the government is thought to have increased its terror alert level to orange.

The hacker group first announced via their twitter feed that they had taken down Zanu PF’s website, followed by Zimbabwean Government Websites, and the State Broadcaster ZBC. The hackers are supporting the movement to #ShutDownZimbabwe

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