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Former Vice President Joice Mujuru Sex Tape

A senior member of the ever-ruling ZANU-PF party says they are allowing the former Vice President, Joice Mujuru, to cover as much political ground as she can before they destroy her permanently—political that is—by releasing a video footage of the widow of the late general Solomon Mujuru—purportedly in a compromising situation with one former government minister who is now a member of her Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) movement. A senior ZANU-PF official told Zimbo Today in an exclusive interview this week that the ruing party—which has a solid reputation for dealing with any threat from any serious opposition—is not at all fazed by Mujuru’s efforts to wrestle power from it through her ZimPF project.

“We are not at all worried about her… we are just giving her a long rope, when the time comes, we will put her in the right position,” the official said. “The system keeps huge files on almost everyone who matter in this country… and in most of these files are sex tapes—especially of those that have once stayed in state properties or that have had state security,” the official told in unsolicited interview. “These are some of the things that come handy when one decides to betray the party and its leadership like what Mujuru and others have done,” the source said. He said most houses and hotel rooms that people in government stay are bugged as part of the general surveillance that is done for security purposes, but in this process, they come across some shocking private things that are kept secret for as long as the person does not stray from the party line.


“We have a lot of things on almost everyone—both living and the dead—and that is the reason why many of those that were either suspended or fired from the party are reluctant to readily cross over to the opposition… they know that the party cannot allow them to walk away just like that,” he added. has no reason to doubt of the existence of the putative sexual video recordings of Mujuru, although it cannot vouch for their authenticity. ZANU-PF, abusing state security apparatus, is quite good at spying on political opponents and has in the past conducted very successful sting operations like the one that exposed former Archbishop of the Roman Catholic church in Bulawayo, Pius Ncube as a prolific womaniser. Sometimes the party uses the video footages to blackmail its opponents into acting (or not) in a certain way. However, some of the purported recordings have turned out to be falsities.

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