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Former Zanu PF Youth Drops F-Word on President Mugabe

Former Zanu PF youth, Acie Lumumbu, dropped the f-word on President Robert Mugabe today saying the veteran politician has destroyed the lives of millions of people in Zimbabwe.

Announcing the formation of a new party, Lumumba, who is featuring in a sex tape leaked on social media recently, said he is ready to fight to the bitter end for the liberation of the country and is not concerned about his life after uttering the f-word.

He said, “Mr. Mugabe, I guess you have not been really insulted … You are now used to being insulted by protesters, you are used to being insulted by vendors, you are used to being insulted in the hallways. You have never seen Zimbabweans really angry … So, here is the red line. Mr. President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe … (long pause) f… you.

“I have drawn the line. Our kids are in trouble (applause). It’s a red line, I know. And my name is Lumumba, Lumumba, Lumumba. I said it three times if you don’t get it. Come get me but here is the thing about getting me. I am someone’s child, a war veteran’s child. You can touch me but I hope you will live long because God forbids something happens to you and you leave your kids they would be touched too. I am not making threats, this is not a threat.”

More details to follow …

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