From Child President to President?

From Child President to President?

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Pastor Evan Mawarire was well trained when he served as the Child President 23 years ago. He was trained to stand up for his fellow country man. To stand up against injustice. The training he got, has become a nightmare to the Zanu PF government.

The child parliament is a non-political organization that was set up by the government to afford students and youth an opportunity to be able to stand up for their rights and advocates for their fellow countrymen.

Evan Mawarire was also a member of this active child activists body and as a result of his powerful and inspiring leadership skills he got elected to be the child president. Although the child parliament has in many times been seen as a ceremonial organization, with Mawarire it seems it wasn’t ceremonial.

23 years ago he started his journey to advocate for the citizens against misrule and today he stands to challenge the government to deliver to its promises.

The question that remains is, could it be possible for the former Child President to be the President of Zimbabwe?

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