Fuck the police, says Chris Brown in video message

Fuck the police, says Chris Brown in video message

News and entertainment site TMZ is reporting that Chris Brown is currently locked inside his house while police officials have surrounded the property.


Chris Brown is being investigated by police after allegedly threatening a woman with a gun. The incident happened at a private home in Los Angeles during the early hours of Tuesday morning, according to TMZ. The woman called 911 claiming Brown had pulled his weapon during a disagreement.


The site, notorious for breaking celebrity news, claims that a woman had called 911 saying that a gun had been pulled on her at his home.

It’s understood that officials have surrounded the house but are waiting on a search warrant before entering. At the same time, the singer has reportedly refused to leave, apparently throwing a bag out of the window.

Officials have not confirmed what is inside the bag, but TMZ, as well as other local news sites claim it contained “weapons”.

While Brown has refused to leave his house, he has taken to Instagram to post video messages saying he doesn’t know what is going on.

“So I’m alseep half the damn night. I just wake up. All these helicopters around, police out there at the gate. What the f*ck else you want from me, bro?” TMG Entertainment

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