G40 character assassination strategy

G40 character assassination strategy

Outspoken Zanu PF youth activist Energy Mutodi has said a faction in Zanu PF going by the name G40 is ratcheting its attempts to drive out members perceived to be loyal to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa using a character assassination strategy in which messages denigrating President Robert Mugabe are posted on social media and credited to targeted Zanu PF members so that enough grounds can be created to expel them from the party.

“G40 members believed to be loyal to Political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Shadreck Mashayamombe circulated a post entitled, “60 reasons why Mugabe must step down – Zanu PF activists”, that they attributed to him, Pupurai Togarepi, and a little known man called Archford Guvuriro.

“Although they added Fidelis Fengu’s name on the list of authors, I suspect that they did so just as a disguise as they are targeting Zanu PF members from Masvingo and Midlands provinces whom they believe want Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over from President Mugabe,” he said.

“When journalists from various media houses called me yesterday in disbelief as they know my style of writing, this is what I had to say: Any statement alluding that I have withdrawn my support from President Mugabe is nefarious and is emanating from enemies of the party who would like to isolate the president from his support base. I am not part to such a statement as I am 100% behind the leadership of Cde Mugabe.”

“The statement needs to be investigated and its authors need to be exposed.

I have no doubt it is coming from my personal enemies and Zanu PF detractors who would like to see me expelled from the party and the party disintegrated.

“I am on record saying President Mugabe was elected to be party leader at Congress and it is only Congress that can decide otherwise. Factionalists in the party who are fighting the party from within are working overtime to ensure that Zanu PF implodes. This mischievous statement is one of their strategies.

“Unfortunately, it will not stop me from rendering my loyalty and full support for President Mugabe and Zanu PF”.

He said further to what he have told the media, he wish to express clearly that he have enemies in Zanu PF who feel threatened by my presence at the party’s functions, state functions and even his membership of the party.

“I don’t know if I should call them enemies or simply haters because I don’t seek to fight them as they do against me. Some of those haters are Saviour Kasukuwere and Shadreck Mashayamombe whose friendship seem to be propelled by their hate for me,” he said.

It is on record that in August 2015 after I won an election to represent Goromonzi West as a provincial member, the National Political Commissar blocked me from sitting in Provincial meetings after he labeled me Mnangagwa’s spy boy.”

Mutodi said he categorically stated that he will not be allowed to take up that seat even if the people had voted for him and told a Provincial Executive meeting that he would take his issue up with the Politiburo.

“It is now one year after the PC did that and there is no response from the Politiburo. I wrote letters and served them to the Secretary for Administration Ignatius Chombo and again there is no response from him up to this date. It is clear that the PC feels threatened by my presence in Zanu PF and does not want to see me anywhere near a leadership position,” Mutodi.

“This is despite the fact that I worked cordially with him when we were dethroning Ray Kaukonde from the chairmanship of a Mashonaland Province. It is also clear that after he took his issue with the Politiburo without reasons why he does not want me to assume my elected position, he is now desperately trying to soil my name through nefarious statements that denigrate the President.”

He said recently at a war veterans meeting, the whole nation watched while he was being humiliated simply for attending the meeting as an interested party member.

“I was driven off the meeting by low-lifes who were sent by Shadreck Mashayamombe. They accused me of being a Mnangagwa ally without any proof. I quietly walked away because I feared they could tear my clothes apart and further humiliate me in public. After I left, they reportedly descended on a journalist who was taking pictures of the altercation and rained blows at him.

They were also working with Tendai Wenyika, Cecilia Chivhunga and another lady only known as Judith who always come to party functions while intoxicated,” he said.

“At that same meeting, Mandi Chimene mocked Vice President Mnangagwa, accusing him of leading a faction and asked President Mugabe to sack him.

It is clear that Chimene was working with the same people who had dressed me down on the same function. It is also clear they had rehearsed the act before. Their actions are premeditated.”

“Moreover, Mashayamombe has on several occasions and without success pressured the police to arrest me on trumped up charges. Each time he does that, he will be name-dropping. The biggest question that remains is that is this still a party or we have reduced it to a battlefield of factions.”

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