Grace Mugabe has assumed the Marie Antoinette mantra and per sec accepts the same exit! Breaking news Read on ZIMBABWENEWSDAY.CO.UK

Grace Mugabe has assumed the Marie Antoinette mantra and per sec accepts the same exit!

Mrs. Mugabe, who spoke for more than an hour, boasted about how she engineered former Vice President Joyce Mujuru’s demise, adding she will be “blowing the whistle for those who are offside in the party”.

“Mai (Mrs.) Mujuru didn’t like my ascendency as the women’s boss as she organised people to heckle me at my rallies but I warned her and she didn’t listen until I said enough is enough and whistled her offside and she was ejected from the party.”
Madam your husband is clinging on to power like a binnacle to a rock. He rigged the July 2013 national elections, rigged Zanu PF’s own party elections and now he is dragging the whole nation into total economic collapse by refusing to implement the critical economic and political reforms.

If Mugabe thinks people are going to let him destroy the whole nation to gratify his insatiable hunger for power and wealth then he is in for a surprise.
As for Grace, if she wants to assume the Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake!” then she will have to accept her magnanimous exit to meet her maker!

Your husband, yourself and the whole Zanu PF dictatorship is not just off-side it is causing untold suffering and misery and have murdered over 30 000 in its 35 years in power; why have you not blown the whistle?

The current economic meltdown is serious and urgent; there is going to be regime change because the situation is socially and politically unsustainable. Where will you and all your whistle blowing skill be, after regime change?

Source – Wilbert Mukori


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