Grace Mugabe reveals Cancer Disease

Grace Mugabe reveals Cancer Disease

As she celebrated her 51st birthday the First Lady, Grace Mugabe touched on two controversial issues, her cancer and her daughter Bona’s miscarriage.

Speaking during her 51st birthday celebrations Mugabe took a swipe at the private media, which she claimed peddled lies about her and her family. Interestingly however, Grace seemed to confirm reports she had cancer as she said; “Detractors peddle lies. They say I have cancer and am dying. Everyone gets sick at one point in time. I am also a human being. I will continue working hard and I will not be deterred or distracted because I have determination.

On her daughter Bona’s Miscarriage she said; “We were disheartened, but we continued to pray and now we have a grandson. It has always been my prayer and wish that President Mugabe sees his grandchildren.

In order to stave off criticism over her lavish


Grace celebrated her 51st birthday celebrations at a handover ceremony of goods donated to various children’s homes at her Mazowe Children’s Home.

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