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Grace Mugabe warns factionalists

First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday warned corrupt elements and factional elements in Zanu-PF to desist from their destructive behaviour, saying people with guts like her will never stop whistleblowing to stop them.

Addressing thousands of people, mainly women and youths at Murombedzi Growth Point, the Zanu-PF Women’s League boss, said some people thought being given ministerial positions meant lining their pockets. She said such elements would be deposed the same way that happened to the former Vice President Joice Mujuru cabal.

“There are some who are corrupt and we say down with corruption,” she said. “When given a duty, you have been made a servant of the people, but some think that when appointed to become a Minister, he or she should be rich, nembwa dzake dzotovawo nemabank accounts. (even his or her dogs also have bank accounts) Stop it if you are doing that.”
She added: “If I see a Zanu-PF member going offside, ndoiridza pembe (I will blow the whistle) because I’m not afraid of anything. They (Mujuru cabal) thought the President would say something to stop me but he remained quiet because just like anyone, I’m also allowed to participate in Zanu-PF because it’s my party.

“While we respect their liberation war contributions, Zanu-PF is not only for those who fought the war, we all deserve to be in Zanu-PF.” The First Lady said because of corrupt tendencies, the Mujuru cabal would never rise again. The First Lady said being a human being, she also made mistakes and welcomed constructive criticism.

“Mai Mugabe does not claim to be a paragon,” she said. “I err and accept criticism but it has to be productive criticism. (Journalists) I’m not saying write positively about me, but don’t just write negatively or criticise me simply because you don’t like my husband. I’m trying my best as a woman and doing tangible things.” She said President Mugabe always demonstrated “probity” and many countries envied his leadership qualities.

“It will come a day that (President) Mugabe will not be there and people will regret, missing his leadership,” the First Lady said. “Not many people are able to make the sacrifices he does. He puts his all to represent his people; he is someone who wants the best for the present and future generations.” Mugabe condemned the importation of second hand clothes, banned by government recently, saying it was destroying the textile industry. “Let’s manufacture our own things after producing cotton,” she said. “The truth is that these clothes have been worn somewhere and are not healthy to use.” Contrary to private media reports, she said, Zanu-PF was delivering on its promises and had recorded remarkable progress through the implementation of Zim-Asset. The First Lady said while she supported vending, the act should be conducted at designated sites.

“I support vending because things are hard, but people wanted to abuse that statement by selling anywhere in the cities,”Mugabe said.”It should be done at designated sites where there are ablution facilities. We aren’t stopping you because you have families to fend for.”

Mugabe called on the people in Mashonaland West to continue supporting Zanu-PF and not to forget the sacrifices made by liberation fighters to free the country.”We should take advantage of the problems and mutations taking place in the MDC-T to strengthen and work for the economic improvement of the country,” Mugabe said. The First Lady donated 15,000 x two litres cooking oil, 50 tonnes of rice, 30 tonnes of mealie-meal, sugar, salt and 6,132 bars of soap to the people gathered.

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