Gruesome murder of a Zimbabwean woman in UK

Gruesome murder of a Zimbabwean woman in UK

A Zimbabwean woman by the name of Hazel Chipo 36 years of age has been murdered by her Nigerian lover, aged 43 in what is understood to be a crime of passion.

It is reported that the woman was being accused of going around sleeping with other men. The woman is said to be originally from Harare, Zimbabwe and had moved to the UK 3 years ago where she settled with a Nigerian man, who is alleged to have been with her up to the time of death.

The two first lived in a town called Luton before moving to Bradford where she was murdered. Her body was found by a neighbor at the backyard garden of the property.

The neighbors say the couple seemed to be very much in love, and they were very much puzzled by the turn of events.

A heated up argument seems to have arose between the couple.
“I heard arguments, but never thought that it was anything serious that could lead to murder” said one of the neighbors.
At the time of Hazel’s death, she had a 2 year old son.

As the Zimbabwenewsday team carried out its investigations, it found out that there were rumours that the woman was involved in prostitution. It is on this rumour that people said could have fueled the in house fight.

One of the close friends confirmed that she had been suffering from an ongoing abuse because her love was accusing her of being a prostitute when she comes home late.

It is said that she left properties in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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