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Gwanda Town Council Vehicles Attached by Police

By Bekinkosi Goromondo
Three vehicles for strapped Town Council of Gwanda have been attached by police over non-payment of more than $20000 to Fawcett Security Company.
A closer source said Gwanda town council had hired services from Fawcett Security Company to guard building materials they were using in constructing a reservoir @ the top of the magnificent Spitzkop mountain as the project had come to a standstill due to lack of funds.

The source also divulged that the council also owes Toyota and ZINWA. It is said Toyota also confiscated another car over unpaid debts when it went for service in Bulawayo this week. The council also owe Zinwa close to $200 000 over water.
Recently one of Gwanda town Council housing director has been involved in a land scum like what the Town Clerk did 2 yrs ago.
However Gwanda Town Clerk Priscilla Nkala and Mayor, Knowledge Ndlovu declined to comment on the issue.

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