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Hacker threatens to expose Zimbawean government secrets

It’s no surprise that the arest of Pastor Evan Mawarire who is leading the #ThisFlag campaign against the government has caused quite the stir.

It appears angered citizens are not only in Zimbabwe but fellow Zimbabweans all over the world. Social media has become the new tool of unity as people continue to post ‘#FreePastorEvan’.

However, the protests have taken a new turn on Twitter as reports of a hacker who has posted a tweet demanding the release of Pastor Evan.


It has been reported @hackr1994  has information pertaining to government data and names of police and government officials which he  or she intends on releasing.

The authenticity of such information has not yet been confirmed but this shows the extent to which public majority is infuriated with the arrest of Pastor Evan.

News of his court case being held at Rotten Row court houses today have been reported and it appears those who rally behind him wait impatiently for the verdict.

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