Harare water is contaminated with Sewerage

Harare water is contaminated with Sewerage

The Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni, has been summoned by Government to explain why his council is producing contaminated water to Harare resident.

Some engineers have proved that Harare water is contaminated with sewerage, but the local Harare authority has been denying the research and laboratory test results.

Principal Director in the Ministry of Local Government, Erica Johnson, on Thursday, told a residents’ meeting in the capital the Cabinet on Monday question Harare City Council authorities on why they are pumping dirty water.

She said “On Monday we are being asked to explain why Harare water appears to be lower in standards. The water in Harare has been a little bit dirty looking and funny smelling,”

“So on Monday Harare City Council has to answer to the Cabinet committee on water pollution as to what is going on.”

She said personally had stopped drinking Harare water.

“When I come in the morning I bring my own water because I do not feel safe drinking Harare water,” she said.

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