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Harare Zimbabwe Deadly Riots, Women Speak Out

As fervent protests rocked Harare on Monday, the picture of a woman wrestling a police officer went viral. Some said the officer was helping her down a dura-wall, however, it got many thinking on the role of women on the front line. Zim Eye sought the views of fellow mothers on the current fiery situation across the country.

They had this to say:


Women bear the brunt of political violence as they are at the centre of transformation in society. In this 4th Chimurenga, we are calling for non-violent protest. However we are clear in stating that this status quo is no longer serving us or the children we bring to this world. We are tired of being victims and survivors of this male dominance that is doing us no good. A new governance order would be most welcome. Zimbabwe needs leaders who care about amplifying the voices of its citizens not the opposite. What we are witnessing now is violence and retrogressive to the stability of this nation just like the leaders who ought to serve us but seem to have forgotten we elected them to office to support our development. Grace Chirenje, Women’s Rights Activist

I think Zimbabweans have been held at ransom for too long and these protests are a sign that people realise that unless we stand up to this dictatorship no one will come to rescue us. I am very supportive of the action being taken by citizens to express their pain at the merciless government of Zimbabwe. Edinah Ruvimbo Masanga, writer and women’s rights activist.


 Tomorrow’s female war veteran wont be the one who allegedly gunned down a helicopter but a hungry woman who definitely rode on the back of a policeman, on top of a dura wall. Samukeliso Khumalo, Women’s rights activist.

We are witnessing gross human rights violations as the Riot Police and the army descend and beat civilians into submission. Any organisation/Government that does not reinvent or purge will be removed by the people. The people who appointed that Government in 1980 have the power to disappoint it. A Government can only prosper when it’s Citizens prosper.If not the Government’s gain is short-lived by destroying it’s most valuable asset. Barbara Nyagomo, Politician

From my own perspective the government should just step down because they have failed the nation. The companies have shut down and kasukuwere was saying is going to take the companies back and my question is how is he going to revive them because the government does not have money, the banks don’t have money, the education and health system are collapsing or they have already collapsed. They can’t pay the salaries of the civil servants. This government want to be removed by force as people are doing now coming together without even looking on political parties you are. I spoke to my daughter yesterday and she was saying people can’t afford to go to the doctors anymore because they don’t have cash upfront even the hospital where she works at Engutsheni Psychiatric hospital they are running short of med to give the mental illness patients because the government is not supplying. Some serious ill patients have been kept in isolation now, the list goes on. Patricia Murambida, Social Activist. 

Source: Zimeye

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