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Have you signed the petition?



Zimbabweans are taking the initiative of protesting against the government of Zimbabwe a step further by inviting the people of Zimbabwe and the world at large to sign a petition.

The petition going under the hashtag #Protect Zimbabweans pursuing their liberation #thisflag is taking people by storm as it can be signed online and thousands of people have gone online to have their say through a signature.

It seems the government is pleased with people taking peaceful protests and this could be a better way of sending the message. This has been revealed by the First Lady who went on to commend people for staying home and not engaging in violent protests. To corroborate this belief within the leading ruling party, the Vice President P. Mphoko threatened to unleash the army if there is any violent protests. What this means is that the government seemingly does not have a problem with people taking non-violent ways to express their anger. It is because of such encouragement from the government that has led the people to come up with the petition inviting the globe to assist in the attempt of bringing harmony and freedom among the citizens.

Part of the petition reads,

“Zimbabweans are in a deep crisis that is currently downplayed. They have a collapsed economy with no currency. Once the breadbasket of Southern Africa its now a net importer of goods.  Corruption is rife and the regional govenance systems have failed to protect the democratic rights of Zimbabweans (SADC and AU). Zimbabweans have been afraid to speak out but there are voices straining to be heard. This is a Global Campaign to save Zimbabweans as they push for change by refusing to be bullied. Abduction and murder are real for those who dare challenge the system. We need the support of other people to raise our voices and assurance that noone will be harmed because they are peacefully pursuing justice,  accountability, fighting for their survival and future generations. The rights of more than 16 million people have been violated for over three decades.  The appropriation of the struggle to a few people must stop! This man made crisis must end…”

Can this be the move to a change, or will the government try another trick to block the success of this petition.

The link to the petition is provided below

Link Click Here 

The petition is meant to be taken to the UN- Secretary General.

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