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Investigation – Veteran President (Mugabe) Finally Gives Up?

There was confusion Saturday morning when President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet on Friday night officially pulled away from its import ban on domestic essentials which caused fiery protests at the Beitbridge border post.

This news release was officially published in the Mugabe controlled Herald newspaper, the announcement reading in full print as follows, “Government gave in to pressure and suspended rolling out the new regime which bans domestic vitals from entering Zimbabwe”. which toured the Beitbridge border post early Saturday morning at around 8am, carried out a snap investigation following the conflicting statements as Industry Minister Mike Bimha also made the announcement on radio saying the government has lifted the ban.

Bimha did not release any further details.

But the same Minister Bimha was early Saturday morning reported by the state radio in a different news release stating to the contrary, “there is no going back to the implementation of statutory instrument 64 of 2016 which seeks to protect some of the locally produced goods from imports”.

Upon physically going through the border post, found that there was both a truth and a negation of the government (SI64) import ban.

Commercial cargo which had been stuck on Beitbridge Border Post (South African side) for up to seven days as importers struggled to get permits authorising them to import the restricted goods, were seen now freely passing through.

This led to people posting celebratory messages saying, “Mugabe akaura this time Today can go down in history as ‘People Power’ victory as Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime was forced to lift the controversial ban on imports following protest by Beitbridge residents and business people in South Africa.

“Mugabe’s government realised that the situation was now volatile, considering that the Rural Teachers Union (RTUZ), Zimbabwe Teacher’s Association, Doctors, Nurses and other civil servants had already embarked on downing tools in protest to the delayed wage allocations shifting wage dates for most civil servants into next month, even though the army had been paid”.

But after a vigorous assessment of the situation, We found that while the government gave in, that move was likely only temporary.

The government might clearly did back down, but Zimbabwenewsday found that Mugabe’s armed police and army were on Saturday afternoon prowling on full patrol. Due to the amount of evidence and conflicting statements, We would like to inform our valued readers that despite the lifting of the import ban, government is set to resume its forcing of Statutory Instrument 64/2016 on poor citizens.

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