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Is it WhatsApp or Sex App?

By Bekinkosi Goromondo
Whatsapp users have turned whatsapp from being a communication platform into a pornographic site whereby material full of sex is being circulated. Pornography is now rampant on popular social media site Whats app as nude pictures, sex tapes and sexual conversations are being shared negating the African culture of Hunhuism or Ubuntu.
African culture recognizes Sex as an indoor activity done mainly by married people that should be kept away from the public and exposing women or man’s naked bodies to the public is regarded as a taboo.

The society has gone haywire as a result of what’s app that brought a negative impact to the people as it is now abused by its users through circulating pornographic material that is sex tapes and nude pictures.
It is shameful that some of the popular figures or famous people that should lead as a good example to the public are the ones that are engaging in immoral production of sex tapes. Recently famous Ace Lumumba intentionally produced a sex tape that went viral on what’s app and popular figures Stunner and Tinopona Katsande (Tin Tin) also had sex tapes that went viral.
Children are being victimized through whatsapp as adults take naked pictures of minors and circulate them on whatsapp. Recently a man who is suspected to be in the Zimbabwean army leaked photos and videos of him abusing children on whats app. Perpetrators of such immoral activities should face stiffer punishment
Sex tapes ,leaked nude pictures, gay videos, adulterous affair exposed through what is called sexting have been going viral on whats app and stories of sex tapes and leaked nude pictures have been dominating both print and electronic media in Zimbabwe. The public is now exposed to immoral sexual acts that should be a private affair as a result of nude pictures and sex tapes that go viral on what’s app.
Adults should stop making copies of this sacred act and storing them in their cell phones, digital cameras and video cameras – gadgets as they can go viral after falling into outsiders’ hands through theft, misplacement or clean exchanges.
Laws that regulate social media platforms should be implemented in order to reduce pornographic material on whats app.

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