Is President Robert Mugabe A Threat to the Country ?

Is President Robert Mugabe A Threat to the Country ?

The Zimbabwean longest ruling President Robert Mugabe has always been a security threat to Zimbabwe since the dark days of Gukurahundi, opposition MDC leader Welshman Ncube has stated.

Opposition leader MDC Welshman Ncube said he is fully backing the current wave of street protests happening all over the country.

However, he said the demonstrations should be peaceful and strategic; he told the Standard.

Below is part of the interview which standard had with Ncube.

Standard: What is your view on the usefulness of on-going mass protests in the country and the new wave of anti-government movements such
as #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka?

Ncube: I fully support all citizens’ peaceful actions designed and intended to bring to an end the suffering of the citizens of this
beautiful country so carelessly and cynically ruined by Zanu PF. These protests are necessary and long overdue. However, they must remain
peaceful at all times including when angry young citizens are provoked by the police and other State agents bent on discrediting these
peoples’ actions. When we resort to violence, even when highly provoked, we undermine our moral standing to resist the machinations of the
regime which have brought us to this state of affairs. Thus, demonstrations, stay away, marches, Yes, Yes, but violence No, No.

It is also imperative that those who seek to take action and to demonstrate must have a game plan, an end game with measurable outcomes.

STANDARD : President Robert Mugabe’s unrestrained attack on the judiciary has drawn criticism from across the board. Do you think he has
become a threat to Zimbabwe as a nation state and its institutions?

NCUBE: He has not become a threat; he has “always” been a threat right from the days of Gukurahundi to this day.

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