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Joice Mujuru To Serve One term and step down

ZIMBABWE People First (ZimPF) leader, Joice Mujuru, has indicated that if she wins the 2018 elections, she would only serve for one term and step down to join international politics.

Addressing a group of young professionals in Harare last week, the former Vice-President said she would contest the forthcoming polls only to take the country out of its current political and economic mess.

Mujuru blasted President Robert Mugabe for clinging onto power at an advanced age of 92, adding this had caused younger generations to lose respect of him.

“I am serious, a 92-year-old being insulted by such a young boy such as (Acie) Lumumba, who is a third of his age. It is not a joke. I have never experienced that in my entire life. Even my grandmother was never insulted by her great grandchildren,” she said.

Mujuru said she was planning to assemble a team of technocrats to run government business.

She added that the wealth of experience she gained during her early days in the liberation struggle up to the time she was appointed the country’s youngest Cabinet minister to when she became Mugabe’s deputy for 10 years had honed her leadership skills.

“I should know that when you say Joice, you are a transitional leader, your time is up, whether it will be after five or seven years, I should be able to say, thank you and I bow out,” Mujuru said.

“It will give me the time to say, ‘come for consultation’. I will have it all after spending 10 years as VP and then, maybe five years as a president. After all, I will be material to go for United Nations assignments. I will use all my experience as a freedom fighter, government official, VP and president. You will be trailing me with your jets for advice, whether I will be on holiday in Honolulu.”

She said former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a respected leader because he heeded the call to step down when he led the country out of war.

“He led the people from war and had brave people around him who told him that he had done a splendid job, but it was time to retire. He heeded the call and here he was, a good leader,” Mujuru said.

She said there was need to heal the country from violence and hate speech perpetrated by Mugabe and his wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe.

The former VP was hounded out of Zanu PF in 2014 on allegations of plotting to oust Mugabe.

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