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Julius Malema Says Zimbabwe Is Richer Than SA See How

 Still burdened by the need to return lands to the black citizens, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema says that Zimbabweans are more wealthy than black South Africans because they own lands.

Speaking at the June 16th Youths day’s 40th anniversary held at the Risko Fakude stadium in Secunday, Malema says even though the economy of Zimbabwe has collapsed since 2000, they still stand richer than South Africa because they own their own lands and even hire white people.

“You don’t own any land‚ you don’t even have title deeds. Your parents died without title deeds and your children will not have title deeds because black people don’t own any land,” he told the people.

Describing wealth as not just what one has in the bank but having lands, Malema said when  you have land you can create jobs. “You can even hire the children of white people.”

Speaking further, Malema says Zimbabwe‚ which is under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe‚ had the potential to hire South Africans.

Zimbabwe had through its controversial land reform programs over 15 years back, forced the white farmers to return lands back to the blacks and Malema believes it’s the best step South African government ought to follow to retain peace between the blacks and the whites in the country.

Malema has previously been to Zimbabwe where he met with senior Zanu PF officials including President Robert Mugabe. During his visit a few years ago, Malema expressed his support for Mugabe and his land policies.

Now he said South Africans might result to going to Zimbabwe for jobs if the economy of SA isn’t properly addressed and if lands are not returned to the blacks who are the original owners.

“….we will be lining up to ask for jobs there because we can’t create our own jobs‚” he said.

Malema reiterates not having issues with the white South Africans and that his comments are in no way related to hate speech but that the right thing has to be done and that is returning the lands to the blacks.

“We are not fighting against them‚ we are not fighting for them either. We are fighting for black people. Anyone who fights for white people is fighting for white people privilege,”

“South Africa would be boring without whites, he said, adding that his party was not fighting them.

The EFF leader said that his party was fighting for poor people to have equal economic freedom and hire white people too. Thousands of EFF supporters filled the stadium clad in their red party attire and sang while they waited for their leader.

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