Kasukuwere fingers Lacoste in land row

Kasukuwere fingers Lacoste in land row

Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere came out guns blazing skating the State media for pursuing factional agendas and misinforming the country’s land allocations in Zimbabwe.



The Minister Kasukuwere denied allocating land promised to ZANU-PF youths to Walter Magaya, denied allocating land to his brother Tongai and accused the state media for writing rubbish.

He said upon returning from China in late July, he found a letter recommending the allocation of land to over a dozen organisations and individuals at Chishawasha and he instructed officials to halt the process.

He added that the land went to government institutions Homelink, UdCorp and the ZANU-PF Harare youth league. Those offers have not been rescinded.

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