Known Prophet calls for ZimDollar return

Known Prophet calls for ZimDollar return

Emmanuel Makandiwa, the United Family International Church (UFIC) founder and head, has called for the return of the local currency that was abandoned in early 2009 due to hyperinflation.

1Makandiwa was delivering a prosperity sermon during the UFIC Judgment Night 4 in Mount Hampden last Friday.

“I believe in local blessings. I believe in my own currency. We cannot say we are blessed when we are using other people’s currencies. We must have our own currency,” he said.

The majority of Zimbabweans, however, have lost faith in the Zimbabwean currency and prefer the current basket of foreign currencies that replaced the Zimdollar, among the greenback, South African Rand, Botswana Pula, British Pound, Chinese Yuan and the Euro.

Government plans to introduce bond notes purportedly to boost exports and, in turn, foreign currency inflows to ease an ongoing liquidity crunch.

Zimbabweans are opposed to the introduction of bond notes, which they feel is a backdoor strategy to bring back the unpopular currency that they fear would bring further havoc to the economy.

The charismatic UFIC prophet who pulls thousands of congregants at his church services and has become a multi-millionaire, insisted that he would continue preaching the prosperity gospel.

“The Lord gave me the power to break poverty. Do not tell me to preach something else, which, is not prosperity. My mission is to take people from one place to another. My mission is clear, to deal with poverty.

“I will not change my gospel message. I said industry will reopen and it shall reopen. Poverty is a demon. We should not entertain poverty. Even the devil knows that the more one is blessed, the more he becomes close to God. If a person is broke, there are more chances of backsliding,” said Makandiwa.

“Some people say I always talk of material blessings. People say, do not talk of material gifts. We were given a physical body. We function in the physical realm,” said Makandiwa.

He added: “My ministry is characterised by money. Life has to be sweet,” he said.

Makandiwa prophesied that ailing industries would be revived, but did not specify when.

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