Latest News : Kasukuweres Son Attacked in United Kingdom Breaking news Read on ZIMBABWENEWSDAY.CO.UK

Latest News : Kasukuweres Son Attacked in United Kingdom

Morgan Tsvangirai’s envoy to the UK, Elliot Pfebve has opened an attack on Local Government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere from his UK base.

Pfebve who on Sunday morning opened a motion for diasporans to engage, says Kasukuwere’s son, Takudzwa, currently studying in the UK must be deported back to Zimbabwe.

Foreign students are desperately needed being key funders of UK universities as they pay over £36,000.00 (USD58,201.00) in tuition fees alone. Most local universities’ coffers are beefed up by foreigners, effectively reducing taxpayer’s burden. But Pfebve says Kasukuwere’s son (pictured) must be kicked out.

He wrote on his social networking portal saying, “I have no issues with anybody sending his or her child to any University, in any part of the world but for ZANU PF establishment who have looted the country dry, destroyed once an education system which was a marvel of global academia, is equally disingenuous and brutal.


“They have always been anti-British yet secretly sending their children to school there. Hon Kasukuwere what’s wrong with University of Zimbabwe Finance Degree? Why can’t you stay patriotic and promote our education and save the country much needed cash?

Takudzwa is at the Swansea School of Management studying Financial Management at Bay.”

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