LIVE UPDATES: Zimbabwe Fiery Protests Torch Storm #ShutDownZim Breaking news Read on ZIMBABWENEWSDAY.CO.UK

LIVE UPDATES: Zimbabwe Fiery Protests Torch Storm #ShutDownZim

Zimbabwenewsday brings out a live coverage of the #ShutDownZim mass stay-away and protest against the Robert Mugabe led government’s continued abuses of citizens.    ——- 

  •  According to the information trickling in, WhatsApp is currently not working on the following networks: TelOne
  •  MASVINGO: Police and soldiers still absent. There no roadblocks to town in Masvingo.
  •  Telone internet is down. This could be because govt is trying to shut down or at least limit social media. It was working last night at midnight. It may also mean Telone technicians are going with the #thisflag and are shutting down internet as part of the total shut down.
  • There is no transport in Glen View 1 people at standing at bus stops. Some who start work early have resorted to going back home.
  •  Warren Park (to city) Roundabout closed off, barricaded by angry protesters. No vehicles can pass through.
  •  Bulawayo,  Police officers, soldiers absent. Cops and army sp far appear to have stayed away as well. Burnt tyres in Njube, Bellevue, Khami roads. No police presence at all. No kombis.
  • 0550 – Quiet in some other places show Zimbabweans have heeded the #ShutDownZim.
  • In Harare, protests have started in Glenview, Dzivarasekwa where people are burning tyres.
  • In Zengeza, by this time of the day it used to be noisy with cars of the touts and their Hwindis but today it’s unsually quiet. Even vendors who by this hour used to be queueing to go for orders in Chikwanha and Mbare they are all indoors playing a wait and see attitude.
  •  Zimbabweans start freely circulating formulae for making petrol bombs and publish all this on the social networks Facebook, and WhatsApp. Some even publicly print out using their full names the intention that the bombs will be used to attack all and any police officers and soldiers who encroach to assault innocent Zimbabweans.
  •  Previous Day: Activists, war veterans and civil service trade unions have called for and endorsed the nationwide stay-away, which is running under hashtag #ShutDownZim.
  • The shut down comes in the wake of renewed state security abuses and suppression of demonstrations as the abusive police force begged for a truce with the public whose angers have comtinued to flame up.
  • OK Supermarket in Mufakose is being raided and looted as we speak. Confirmed via telephone. Please avoid these areas, you will likely get hit in the crossfire by either police or looters.
  • As news has spread that the Internet has been restricted, protests which so far had been tense but without incidents have turned violent. OK Mufakose has been looted. Unable to get pictures since FB is not really working and whatsapp is down. Emails with attachments are bouncing back.

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