Mandiwanziwa a ‘clueless night school student’

Mandiwanziwa a ‘clueless night school student’

ITC Minister Supa Mandiwanzira has been described as a clueless “night school law student” by renowned lawyer and former Finance minister Tendai Biti.

The pair exchanged harsh words on Twitter on Tuesday over alleged theft of funds at POTRAZ.

Mandiwanziwa claimed that Biti stole $40 million at POTRAZ.

He posted “Explain why as Finance Minister you looted $40m from Potraz Telecomms fund”.

Responded Biti, “That’s just rubbish. POTRAZ is heavily audited that’s why we know Supa stole $200 000 from it”

“Now you are out of your mind. Complete bonkers

“As a night school law student be wary of the laws of defamation. You are not immune to those. Just a warning”.

Several Twitter users joined the attack piling pressure on Mandiwanzira.

Said @chukulaz “why is he walking free if he looted $40 million???”

@ItaiMoosh added “So are you saying you stole $200k because biti stole $40m? Why raise it now? Kunyeba rume guru!

@senor_adrian said “What Biti did as finance minister is incredible. He saved a sinking ship but sadly it’s sinking once again…”

Mandiwanzira broke the rules and got a $194,000 loan from a parastatal under his Ministry for the purchase of a vehicle, a report by the Auditor general revealed in June.

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