Mawarire Shamed, Supporters Ignore His Call for 36th Minute

Mawarire Shamed, Supporters Ignore His Call for 36th Minute

The Calls by #THISFLAG movement leader Evan Mawarire on supporters, who will attend the football match between Highlanders and Dynamos, to stage a peaceful protest against the government flopped.

Several days ago Pastor Evan Mawarire made another call from his United States base for a #TotalShutdown of Zimbabwe, similar to the one that propelled him to fame; this again was ignored.


Police Stadium

A short video he posted on social media several weeks ago, Mawarire urged those who will be at the blockbuster match to rise in unison on the 36th minute and sing the country’s first national anthem, Ishe Komborera Africa — Nkosi Sikelel’ Africa.

He said it’s a symbol that after 36 years of being silenced, the people are finally rising up and asking President Robert Mugabe ruling party to be accountable.
“Let’s all go to Barbourfields Stadium on Sunday. On the 36th minute, lets all rise and sing the national anthem Ishe Komborera Africa — Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica, to protest against the government. We want to show them that we are tired of the current situations,” Mawarire said.

Thousands of football fans packed at Barbourfields Stadium ignored calls to sing the old national anthem in the 36th minute.
The 36th-minute mark went unnoticed as Highlanders Prince Dube launched an attack against Dynamos
However, Dynamos is currently leading one nil through a Masimba Mambare header after 29 minutes.

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