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MDC-T gags officials

OBERT-GUTUTHE main opposition MDC-T has ordered all party mayors, chairpersons and councillors to first seek “guidance” from the party before addressing the media, a move widely viewed as a gag order.

The new media guideline is contained in the party’s local governance blueprint, Smart City Campaign, launched in Harare last Thursday.

“All mayors, chairpersons and councillors must recognise the need for careful and consistent message and media management. Where they are unclear about what to say on any issue they should seek guidance from the party in advance,” the document says.



MDC-T national spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday defended the party’s new media policy saying it was meant to instill “discipline” among members and top officials.

“The MDC-T is a democratic political party that doesn’t muzzle free speech and debate,” Gutu said.

“However, there is always the need to maintain message discipline in order to ensure that all party cadres understand the party’s policies and sing from the same hymnbook at all relevant times.

“Any serious organisation would insist on its members understanding the organisation’s policies, programmes and resolutions so that no conflicting and/or discordant messages are disseminated.”


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