MDC-T invades Masvingo

MDC-T invades Masvingo


MASVINGO province has refused to be left out in the countrywide outcry against the ruling party Zanu PF. The movement that started with Itai Dzamara with the #OccupyAfricaUnitySquare has become something that even the President cannot ignore or treat it as a passing phase. The president has came out in numerous occasions including during the burial of Dr. Charles Utete blasting citizens for not being being grateful and loyal. However it seems the words of the president have been falling on hard rocks.
With a wave of MDC-T demonstrations that rocked Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare, Masvingo province also under the guidance of MDC-T is set to have its own march on the 3rd of August.

The is the first march organized by opposition parties ever since the #Shutdown, and it is expected that there would be heavy riot deployment that can even discourage fearful citizens to take part. In preparation for this, MDC-T is conducting a door-to-door campaign mobilizing people to be part of this demonstrations.

“In Bulawayo and Mutare people turned out in their numbers to express their dissatisfaction over Zanu-PF misrule. Even though president Tsvangirai was not leading the protestors because of the unfortunate ailment, the demonstrations were very successful. In Masvingo we are expecting a much bigger crowd since the president will be leading the people. We are saying enough is enough. Zanu-PF has trampled upon us for a very long time and we cannot endure it anymore,” said MDC-T Masvingo provincial chairperson James Gumbi

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