Mental Health Patients run amok as Mental Hospital runs out of sedatives

Mental Health Patients run amok as Mental Hospital runs out of sedatives

Nurses at Ingutsheni hospital fear for their lives as mentally disturbed patients have turned violent and can no longer be controlled due to the hospitals lack of sedatives. The hospital which is wholly government funded has not received any funds to allow it to restock on its sedatives. The hospital is constantly finding itself at the mercy of well-wishers who make donations.


The situation at the hospital has reached critical levels as two nurses have been severely assaulted by mental health patients. The hospital has merely swept these incidents behind the carpet as when contacted for comments they refused to do so. The assaults have left most of the nurses at the hospital feeling unsafe as many of the mental patients turn violent when they are not given sedatives.

It is also reported that a patient committed suicide when the doctor refused to discharge them. The hospital was unable to provide the patient with sedatives to calm the patient down. The patient ultimately suffocated themselves using a plastic bag.

Lack of good health care in Zimbabwe is a growing problem. Many of the public hospitals lack medications that are essential to its functions while some go days without water. There is a public outcry for government to increase the health care sector budget as this would alleviate many of the problems it is currently facing.

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