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Midzi family clashes over estate distribution

THE family of the late former Zanu PF Harare provincial chairman and Epworth MP Amos Midzi has reportedly clashed over distribution of his estate after one of his daughters, born out of wedlock, rejected the appointment of the politician’s widow as executor.


Initially, Midzi’s family had endorsed the appointment of Midzi’s wife, Alice, as executor before his daughter Chido Makazhu (20) ,who only surfaced after his death, challenged the decision, accusing her stepmother of bias.

In a letter dated July 27 addressed to Master of the High Court Eldard Mutasa, Makazhu expressed fears that her stepmother would conceal some of her father’s assets or exaggerate his debts to disadvantage her.

Amos Midzi .

“Another reason for my request is that after my father’s burial, Dr Stanley Midzi (a brother of the late MP) and Cornelius Bwanya (close relative) blew my father’s liabilities out of proportion,” Makazhu said.

“Let me quote verbatim: The Mount Pleasant house was used as collateral security, the Greendale house is gone, and the Msasa Park house is gone, while there are only twenty-six (26) beasts. They said Midzi owed Agribank $80 000, but there was no written concrete evidence,” she said in her objection letter to Mutasa.

Mutasa has since summoned the entire Midzi family and all interested parties in the estate to a dispute resolution meeting today.

“This office is in receipt of a letter of objections to the appointment of an executor from Chido Makazhu. In view of the contents of the letter, a special meeting has been convened before the undersigned on the 20th August 2015 at 8:30am. You are hereby invited together with any interested parties,” wrote one KF Chigomararwa on behalf of Mutasa.

Midzi, who died of suspected poisoning in June, had three children with Alice, but it has now emerged that he had twins outside marriage with a woman called Lucia Makazhu although one of the siblings is now late.

Last month, Makazhu approached the Master of High Court seeking to be enjoined with other beneficiaries in the distribution of the estate

According to court documents gleaned by NewsDay, Chido is using Makazhu as her surname after Midzi together with his brother, Stanley, allegedly entered into an agreement on February 25, 2001, to secretly take care of the child while the matter was handled privately, away from other family members. newsday.co.zw

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