Mixed feelings as Grace turns 51

Mixed feelings as Grace turns 51



AS Grace Mugabe affectionately known as “Amai” turns 51, there has been a lot of mixed feelings. She has been accused of being extravagant following her 50th birthday celebrations. There is fear among the public that the first lady would spend millions of state money to celebrate her birthday while civil servants have not been paid for the month of July.

In Zimbabwe, the birthday celebrations of the first family have become a cause of concern as the first family would lavishly spend state money notwithstanding the economic hardships.

State media has used more than 12 pages gushing messages of praise from government ministries, including defence, and loss-making state companies. .These could have been pages for advertisements and would have contributed to their revenue.

“Dr Grace Mugabe: A woman who conquered Africa,” read a headline in the Herald newspaper, reflecting the growing political influence of the First Lady since her appointment to the top leadership of ZANU-PF in 2014.

“A loving mother, compassionate philanthropist, astute businesswoman, perceptive politician, remarkable patriot,” the state-owned daily wrote.

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