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Morgan Tsvangirai Travel to TB Joshua Church in Nigeria.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, currently struggling with bad health, is under compulsion to travel to controversial self acclaimed soothsayer TB Joshua in Nigeria.

First Lady Grace Mugabe has rubbished the Nigerian preacher saying she wonders why Zimbabweans fail to pray locally and consult their own national church leaders. But MDC-T medical health bigwigs dismiss all that, saying Tsvangirai must visit the preacher for prayers.

This comes despite a pile of evidence that TB Joshua, while doctoring false prophecies through video editing techniques, has endangered the lives of hundreds of believers and presided over the deaths of 116 people in his church backyard in 2014, one of whom was MDC politician, Greenwhich Ndanga.

Tsvangirai himself could have been killed within weeks in that building collapse whose construction was performed illegally and using substandard materials.

Fiery MDC-T MP for Matebeleland North (MDC), Dr. Ruth Labode, revealed to she will increase pressure on Tsvangirai to travel to TB Joshua’s church.

When questioned over TB Joshua’s credentials, why since he claims to possess super human knowledge, he failed to detect his own church building collapse that killed 116 people two years ago, Labode was resolute labelling that disaster a small thing.

“I am not shaken on small things,” she told

She revealed she is actually lobbying for people to sponsor Tsvangirai so he visits the Nigerian preacher. “Yes I am wanting him to visit TB Joshua…” she said.

She continued, “Tsvangirai is a born again Christian. I would encourage; I would accompany him…” she said in the wide ranging interview.

While a direct comment from the MDC leader on the matter was not possible at the time of writing, records showed Tsvangirai has in the past sought help from Joshua and Tsvangirai appears in one video conking his body before the controversial preacher.

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