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Most Schools Around Country Shut-Down As Situation Gets Tense

Staff Writer Harare schools on Tuesday turned away students as civil unrest rocked the capital.

At the time of writing we are  also received reports from our sources that schools in other parts of the country being shut down. Pupils from the suburbs which include Highfield, Glen Norah and Glenview were seen going back home after the school authorities had warned them of an unpredictable situation, because of high presence of riot police.

“We have been advised to go back home and come back to school on Friday,” said some pupils in Highfield.

“They are saying that there are some riot police and they are unable to teach,” pupils met in Glen Norah said.

Police had running battles with touts on Monday after the latter had blocked most of the roads leading into the city centre.

Zimre Park, Mabvuku,Tafara and Epworth  were the most affected with cases of police brutality reported.

The touts were protesting against the frequency of police road blocks in all the roads which lead to the city centre.

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