Mugabe way changed to Devolution way

Mugabe way changed to Devolution way

As the pressure mounts on the Zanu Pf led government, it has come to a point where citizens are seemingly ready to do everything in their powers to bring the change they want against the government. Pressure is being applied and the local authorities in Bulawayo are now faced with a situation where they have their street names changed without their knowledge or even consent to commission the change of the street names.

It is reported that Robert Mugabe Way in Bulawayo has been renamed by unknown residents of the City to Devolution way. The pictures that we received show that there has been a material written Devolution Way that has been used to cover up the sign posts written Robert Mugabe way that.

IMG-20160823-WA0019[1]     IMG-20160823-WA0018[1]    IMG-20160823-WA0017[1]


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